Is Your Vinyl Siding Damaged? Learn How To Repair It Yourself

Posted on: 25 November 2014

Vinyl siding can be a cost effective way to cover your home. The downside of vinyl siding is that is can become damaged very easily. Cold winters can leave your siding brittle, and hot summers can cause siding to blister. Thankfully, damaged vinyl siding is simple to repair by following these steps.

Creating A Temporary Patch

Sometimes all you want to do is temporarily cover the damage until you are able to replace the entire panel of vinyl siding. As long as you have some extra siding in storage, you can create a patch that will hide the damage.

Measure the height and width of the hole you want to patch, and add two inches to those dimensions. Using tin snips, cut out a square patch of siding that matches those measurements. It will be just large enough to cover the hole.

You can attach this patch to the siding by using pop rivets, hiding them along the bottom edge of your siding. You will notice the line along each side of the patch, but the siding will look much better until you are able to replace the panel.

Removing Your Panel

Once you acquire your new vinyl panel, you can start the repair process by removing the damaged panel. Home improvement stores sell a tool designed for removing vinyl siding, often referred to as a zip tool. It is fairly cheap to purchase, and will make detaching your damaged vinyl siding very easy.

The tool opens the seam between the two vinyl siding panels similar to a zipper. With the seam detached, you can remove the nails holding the vinyl siding panel along the bottom edge. Make sure to hold onto this damaged piece, as you can use it to make patches in the future.

Replacing Your Panel

Instead of using a measuring tape, use the damaged piece of siding as a template on the new piece of siding. Line the two pieces up, mark the edges on the back side of the new piece of vinyl siding, and make the cut with a miter saw.

When attaching the new panel, start by hammering in the nails in the same place as the old panel, and use your zip tool along the opposite edge to reattach your new section of vinyl siding.

Repairing a damaged piece of vinyl siding is simple, and by learning to do it yourself, you will keep your home looking great without spending a lot on professional help. However, if you do need to consult a professional, you can always rely on a company like Bramble Builders, Inc.