Is Your Basement Ready For A Dreamy Upgrade?

Posted on: 30 December 2014

Are you thinking of turning your basement into a special room, such as a lavish guest bedroom, well-appointed gym, personal spa or Hollywood-styled media room? Make sure you assess your basement before you shop for room upgrades.

Check Out The Basement's Structure

Scrutinize the structure of your basement. If you have a newer home, your basement likely supports the floors above it with concrete foundation walls and supporting beams. Conversely, older homes often don't have foundation walls. Instead, these basements support your home with posts or beams.

  • Structure adds character

A review of your basement might help you decide how to make the best use of your space, as well as determine the work you must complete before making your dream space a reality. For example, check the available headroom. Ducts, beams and pipes might make some areas unsuitable for extended stay. But, these same items can add to the room's ambiance.

Figure Out What To Do With Storage Items

Check out how you currently use your basement. For example, it might serve as the place where items go and never return. You could give some of these items to charitable organizations and throw out things that are no good or no longer have value.

  • You can create a storage room

You also can use a section of your basement to store these items. If you choose this option, you'll need to include this space in your renovation plans. You don't want a sore sight to ruin your dream space.

Test The Air Quality

Check your basement for problems that might make it difficult for you to enjoy your renovated space. Relaxing in your home spa might be less enjoyable if your basement smells moldy. Also, poor air quality can cause health problems, and prolonged time in your basement might exacerbate these problems.

  • Fix it or call in a professional

You can fix some air quality problems yourself, but for larger problems, call in a professional. For example, if you have mold in a small area, you can clean it with a general household cleaner. But if large areas of your basement have mold, contact a professional cleaner.

Check For Moisture

Water is enemy number one for finished basements. It can seep through cracks, ruin carpets, and cause beams to rot and your walls to buckle. In minor cases, you can simply air out your basement by opening windows or turning on a fan. But, for more severe water problems, you might need to seal cracks, repair your drainage system and install a waterproofing system. You can contact a local company like FreeFlow Environmental to have them evaluate the space. 

Repair your basement problems today so you can make your dream space a reality.