3 Pools That Will Turn The Joneses Green And Make The Grandkids Come Visit

Posted on: 15 January 2015

Homeowners are extending their living spaces to include the outdoors in some stunning and luxurious ways. Your neighbors may have a huge screen TV that shows movies while family and friends soak in the massive hot tub.

Or the in-laws have practically turned their backyard into a bistro, complete with a brick pizza oven and a fancy greenhouse for alfresco dining. They've even made a treehouse for your grandchildren. You never see your grandkids any more.

Here comes a pool to the rescue. One of these 3 pools will be the envy of your neighborhood and the favorite spot for your family:

1) The Deep Sea Diving Tank

This is the pool for the boating and diving family. You may not be able to install anything as extensive as this 40 ft. deep pool in your yard, but there's no reason why, with the right equipment, space and permits, you can't have a pool 20 ft deep or more.

Your dive tank will be a great place to try out gear, condition yourselves for diving vacations and hold family competitions.

You could even make the dive tank an indoor pool so the family can dive any time of year. You can be sure nobody else on the block has thought of that.

2) The Flying Pool

At 24 stories high, this suspended pool in China may be a stretch for a homeowner to duplicate. But there are home versions, like the pool complex in this family home.

You'll need an architect as well as a skilled pool designer to pull it off, but it is very possible.

Your neighbors won't believe it and the grandkids will never leave.

3) The Private Waterpark

Lonely grandparents can learn a thing or two from institutions of higher learning. That's because colleges across the country have figured out how to keep kids on campus. Instead of playing video games and eating junk food, their students are engaged in healthy activities. The schools are installing private waterparks, complete with lazy rivers, climbing walls and recessed fireplaces.

You can create a smaller version at home, just as this family did. With its 90 ft. man-made mountain, 65 ft. waterslide, 300 ft. lazy river and 26 ft. deep dive tank, it's one of the world's most extravagant backyard pools.

Talk to pool builders in the area. If you build any of the above, the grandchildren will come. And so will the Joneses' grandkids. And probably the Joneses, too.