The Advantage Of Investing In A Solid Hardwood Floor

Posted on: 27 January 2015

Investing in new hardwood floors is a great long term investment for homeowners. Many people invest in over-the-counter engineered hardwood flooring products. These are more affordable and easier to install. However, many people choose to invest in solid hardwood floors. This article will explain the advantages of custom, solid floors compared to prefabricated hardwood products.

A More Durable Option

When it comes to the quality and durability of hardwood products, you get what you pay for. Custom floors, though more expensive, will last much longer. Custom floors are made out of solid planks of wood. Prefabricated or engineered floors are made out of thin veneers of wood that are glued together. The top layer is laminated and stained so the floor will look like a natural piece of wood. However, the lower layers of wood are made out of cheaper woods and composites. This makes the flooring planks much less study.

A More Adaptable Option

Perhaps the greatest thing about custom floors is that they allow you more freedom in design. Over the years you can refinish you floors and apply new paint or stain jobs. So, you can keep your flooring looking new and fresh whenever you remodel other elements in a room.

This is not possible with prefabricated flooring products because the top veneer is too thin. Every time you sand away the stain on the floor, you also diminish the thickness of the wood. So, you can usually only refinish a prefabricated floor once, without sanding through the veneer. On the other hand, you can resand and restain custom hardwood floor planks many times over the years.

A More Eco-Friendly Option

Custom hardwood floors are also more environmentally friendly. Custom wood sections are made out of planks of solid wood. Make sure you buy product from a sustainable mill. The construction of custom planks does not involve any harmful adhesives or chemicals.

Lastly, custom floors are more eco-friendly than custom floors because you do not need to replace them as often. You custom hardwood planks can stay in your home for decades. In fact, over time your floors will age and get dinged up, adding even more character and style to your home.

If you budget allows, you should consider investing in custom hardwood floors from a place like MD Walk On Wood Floors. It might be more expensive at first, but it will pay for itself over time. It is definitely the smartest investment for homeowners who want to stay at their current address for years to come.