Fall Furnace Cleaning And Maintenance

Posted on: 13 February 2015

The fall season is the beginning of temperatures beginning to cool off, and when you will start making use of your furnace to heat up your home. This is the perfect time to do some routine cleaning and maintenance of your heating system. Here are some easy tips for cleaning and maintaining your furnace in the wall, so that it is ready for winter.

Turn Off the Power

It is important that before you do any maintenance on your furnace, you turn off the electrical power supply, as well as the fuel supply. There will be a switch plate located near the furnace's burner, which has a red power button you can turn off. The fuel supply should be located near the incoming gas pipe or the oil tank. There is a fuel shutoff valve to turn off.

Clean the Combustion Chamber

Once you know the fuel and electrical power is turned off, you can begin with your cleaning and maintenance. The combustion chamber is a great place to start. It is easy for build-up to occur in the chamber because this is where air and fuel mixes, which helps to generate heat. It also combines other elements, including water vapor, carbon soot, and carbon dioxide. The soot build-up can lead to eroding of the chamber walls if it is not cleaned routinely. Use a small wire brush to scrape out any carbon soot you find, then use a vacuum attachment to remove loose material found in the combustion chamber.

Check the Flue Pipe

The last thing you want to do is deal with a carbon monoxide leak, so you want to check the flue pipe next. The exhaust flue should not have any cracks or holes in it. If it does have holes, you might be dealing with a leak. If it is a small hole, foil tape will be a good temporary solution to patching it up. However, if the flue has considerable cracks and holes, or shows obvious corroding, you need to replace it. At this time, you can also adjust the barometric damper, which helps to keep the chimney draw at a reasonable level.

Change the Filters

Both the oil filter and air filter should be changed when you are working on maintenance of your furnace. If you have an oil-powered furnace, begin by replacing the oil filter. It can get flogged over time, and is easier to replace than to clean. Close the oil valve of the furnace, then remove the old filter. Put in a new one and make note of the date you changed it, so you can return to put in a new one at the right time.

You also want to change the air filter so that the air your family breathes indoors with the heater on is only clean, filtered air. This is something you should be able to do quickly and easily, and an air filter is very inexpensive. Talk to experts like http://cbrothers.com, for more information.