Why Your Commercial Property Should Upgrade To Stamped Asphalt

Posted on: 10 March 2015

Whether you're interested in upgrading an aging parking lot or installing a new roundabout for your commercial property, there are reasons to include stamped asphalt in your investment. Stamped asphalt allows you to take advantage of the durability and flexibility of an asphalt surface while also updating the look of your commercial facade to something that mimics expensive brick or stone materials. So if you're planning on starting a new walkway, driveway, or parking lot construction project, consider why stamped asphalt is the best candidate for the job.

Asphalt is a Winner

When it comes to durability, versatility, affordability, ease-of-installation, and staying low-maintenance for its long lifespan, no other surfacing material comes close to asphalt. Asphalt is a prime candidate for commercial properties, because it lasts long, can be installed quickly, requires little maintenance for a lifetime, and can be easily installed and repaired. It's also cheaper than brick, concrete, and stone, and can withstand weather extremes, chemical degradation, winter salting, as well as heavy equipment and constant traffic better without requiring upkeep or repair.

Beyond Black

Being versatile can mean installing asphalt in any number of places with only minimal sub-grade preparation. But versatility in modern terms also means that asphalt can be manipulated for aesthetic appeal.

Stamped asphalt, as well as colored installations, gives you texture and pattern options that aren't found with standard asphalt installations, so you can branch out beyond the black top to something rich and beautiful. Popular options for stamped concrete in commercial applications include brick or stone patterns, logo or art inclusion, as well as displays that can be read from the sky.

Stamped asphalt can give you the look of expensive concrete or brick pavers, without the heavy price tag or maintenance required to keep pavers in good condition. And asphalt that's been stamped and colored is seamless, just like standard black top, with colorants that include UV protection, so you'll have a striking product that lasts at least 20 years or beyond.

If you're looking for a paving product for your commercial property that you can design with and have installed overnight, you have to choose stamped concrete. Stamped asphalt is performed right after asphalt has been poured and graded, and it can be dry within hours or days of installation. Brick and concrete pavers require extensive preparation and labor to design and install, so you may wait months for a finished product.