How To Prevent Erosion In And Around Your Garden

Posted on: 1 April 2015

When planting your garden, you probably want to enjoy it all year long, regardless of if it is filled with vegetables, herbs, flowers or a combination of the three. However, one thing can get in the way of you enjoying your garden -- erosion. If erosion is a problem in your area or if you simply want to prevent it before it occurs, follow these tips. Then, you shouldn't have to worry about the rain washing away your garden.

Create Drainage

First of all, if you create drainage to help get rid of the water when it rains, then you can help control the flow of the water and help prevent it from washing away your soil and plants. With most gardens, this can be done by digging small trenches on each side of the garden.

Plant Stronger Plants on the Outside

Some plants are much stronger than others. For best results, try planting your more delicate plants on the inside of your garden. Then, plant plants with stronger, deeper root systems around the outside. The stronger plants will grip to the soil better and will help prevent erosion. For example, bushes and small trees generally have stronger root systems than flowers.

Add Mulch

Adding mulch on top of your soil will help your garden fight against rain and the elements. It will help pack down your soil and will hold in moisture, which will keep your plants well-watered while preventing erosion. Plus, you're sure to love the fact that mulch can help you fight weeds and add a nice aesthetic appearance as well.

Fill Your Garden

A garden that has too much free space will be more apt to erode than a garden that is nicely-filled with plants. Therefore, you should research the plants that you are adding to your garden, and plant them as close together as possible. Then, the roots from all of your plants will help hold the soil in place. Plus, you'll be taking the best possible advantage of your space, which will allow you to enjoy more flowers and plants.

Install a Protective Barrier

One great way to your garden is by installing a protective barrier around it. You can build it with stone or short, solid fencing. Basically, this barrier will help keep water and soil in your garden, and it can add the added benefit of preventing pests.

Erosion can pose a major problem for your garden if you aren't careful. However, if you start by fighting erosion now, you should be able to enjoy your garden without worrying about it washing away with the elements. If you have a larger area that needs erosion control, talk to a company like Specialty Construction Supply.