4 Reasons To Have A Professional Provide Drain Cleaning Services

Posted on: 2 June 2015

Many homeowners will consider the use of drain cleaners that they can purchase at a store to help clean the plumbing pipes in their home before they consider hiring a professional to do this for them. Since drain cleaners are widely available to homeowners, it can be difficult to help one understand the importance of avoiding the use of these cleaners at all costs. Here are four reasons as to why it is better to have a professional provide drain cleaning services versus purchasing drain cleaners found at grocery and hardware stores:

  1. Avoid Ingestion: One problem with drain cleaners is that they can be found stored under the sink, which makes it easy for children and pets to get to it. Plus, there are accidents sometimes when handling drain cleaners that involve the user ingesting the cleaner unknowingly. Doing this can lead to serious issues, such as mouth pain, abdominal pain, and cases of severe poisoning, which would require an immediate trip to the emergency room. A professional knows how to handle these chemicals in a safe way and takes them with them once they are done to avoid the risk of children and pets getting their hands on them. 
  2. Avoid Skin and Eye Irritation: Drain cleaners contain extremely harsh chemicals. If not wearing the proper protection, it can cause infection of the skin and even blindness. Professionals always have the proper safety gear handy to avoid these issues. 
  3. Avoid Inhaling Fumes: The fumes left behind from drain cleaners can cause severe damage to the respiratory tract, lung tissues, and can even result in chemical pneumonia, which can be fatal. 
  4. Avoid Plumbing Fixture Damage: The problem with a lot of drain cleaners is that their chemicals are so harsh that they can begin to break down the sides of the plumbing pipes. This can create significant damages that will eventually result in leaks and the high cost of having to replace the pipes altogether. Professionals are sure to avoid the use of extremely harsh chemicals in order to save plumbing fixtures that they work with. 

When you hire professionals to help you avoid the problems listed above, consider hiring those who work "green." These professionals are sure to use the safest chemicals in your home, which is especially important should you have kids and nosy pets. In the end, you will be thankful for hiring the professionals instead of doing it yourself since it will save you from the cost of plumbing repairs in the future, as well as potential medical bills.