Ponder over This: 4 New Ways to Landscape with a Pond

Posted on: 25 August 2015

Want to add something unique that will make your yard retreat pop? Why not build a small yard pond? There are as many ways to incorporate a pond in your landscaping as there are homeowners. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Welcome Visitors

A pond near the entrance to your home makes a great first impression. The sound of moving water is warm and inviting in a way that hardscaping the entry area can't be. If you don't use your front yard space regularly, add a small pond beside the entrance, perhaps under a large front window to provide a view from both inside and outside. This might be a great place to create a manicured pond with low stone walls and a wide waterfall that falls like a sheet to have the most visual impact.

Complement Your Hardscaping

Instead of planning two separate backyard features, combine your pond and patio or outdoor room into one large entertaining space. By working with a professional contractor to place a pond at the edge of a deck or patio, you create a new and natural focal point to entertain visitors. If your hardscape is an outdoor kitchen, for example, you can tie a pond into your theme by planting herbs and edible plants around the pond to take advantage of the water source. A deck's edge or hardscape walls can provide an excellent natural place to put a waterfall dropping into your pond. If you have an existing but tired or nonfunctioning old pond, adding hardscaping is a good way to liven it up. 

Create a River

When most people think of a pond, they think of a roughly oval-shaped, self-contained spot of water. Why not think outside the box and make yours into a small faux river? This works best in a large or uneven yard with trees and natural shrubbery, and can be lower maintenance than traditional ponds. Build a slight (at least 2 or 3 inches per 10 feet) slope into the river to keep the water in motion and reduce work for your pump so it will need less maintenance and repair. If you do have trouble with the pump, contact a representative from a website like this one: http://www.konalandscape.com.

You can also add a small bridge and a seating area in a natural elbow in your small river so that friends and family can enjoy the scene.

Make It a Destination

Creating a small pond in a little-used space of your backyard can bring your whole design together. You can add a walkway that leads the guest through your yard, garden, and entertaining spaces with the final destination being a small seating area around your distant and relaxing pond. Place a small waterfall at the far edge of the pond to define it and provide a backdrop. Keep in mind, though, that it might be hard to incorporate a distant pond in your yard due to limitations on access to water and electricity. Work with a pond specialist before starting construction on this type of design to avoid headaches later. 

Adding a pond in your landscape design is a fun way to add variety that most yards lack. It does require a little more maintenance, though, so consider carefully your location, access, and size before building. When you've finished constructing your personalized pond, you'll have something you can enjoy for many years.