What Can A Structural Engineer Do For My Residential Project?

Posted on: 11 September 2015

In many states, a structural engineer is not a requirement for building a custom residential structure. However, there are several benefits to involving an engineer in your building plans. Here are some of the main things a structural engineer, like the ones at J J K Group Inc, can add to your building project.

Evaluate Your Building Plans

One of the most useful things an engineer can do for your project is to evaluate the building plans. They will make sure that the proposed structure is strong enough to last. If you live in an area that's prone to severe weather, it's especially important to have a structural engineer to do a risk assessment and make sure that your home won't collapse under the power of a storm.

Another part of the evaluation may include an analysis of your business materials. Steel, wood, and concrete all have their own uses, and your engineer will make sure that the chosen materials are strong enough and thick enough to support the building's structure.

Examine Unusual Features

If you have any unusual features in your building plans, such as heavy second story pools or large overhangs, it's a good idea to involve a structural engineer in the process. They will make sure that there's enough structural support to bear the weight of heavy or unusual building objects.

Do Construction Inspections

Plans are one thing, but it's also important to have an engineer inspect the actual construction. You may want to bring an engineer in at various stages of construction to make sure that everything is being built according to plan. The engineer can assess the strength of your foundation, framing, and other key structural elements. It's much less expensive to catch problems with your structure as they happen so that you won't have to rip out wall sections at a later date.

Approve a Building as Safe

If you are looking to rent or sell your new residential project, it can be a big help to have a structural engineer's approval. Your engineer will examine the final product and certify that it's safe to occupy. On request, the engineer can provide you with a certificate that you can then show to prospective buyers.

As you can see, structural engineering services are a great tool for improving your structure's strength and integrity. You can hire a structural engineer at many different phases of construction, from the planning stages to inspecting the final product.