3 Kinds Of Sprinkler Systems You Can Use To Protect Your Business

Posted on: 14 October 2015

No matter how safe you keep your business, there is still a chance of a fire hazard. If a fire does start, you want to know that it will be put out quickly. Firefighters may not be able to get to your business as quickly as you would like, but sprinkler systems can help to keep the fire small or even put it out before the firefighters get there. But what kind of sprinkler system is right for your business? Take a look:

Wet Pipes

A wet pipe fire sprinkler system always has water in it. That allows them to have the quickest possible reaction time to a fire. Since there is always water in the pipes, the sprinkler system doesn't have to wait for water to get to the head from a water source. These sprinkler systems are probably the best choice if your business has multiple floors or is in a high-rise. 

Dry Pipes

The difference between a dry pipe system and a wet pipe system is that the dry pipe system uses pressurized air to hold back the water. When the fire sensor activates the sprinkler, that air quickly escapes and then water can reach the sprinkler heads and start dealing with the fire. There is a slight delay for the water to get to the fire, but it's generally not that noticeable. The best use for this particular sprinkler system is if your business is located in a climate where there is a risk of frozen pipes. Cold water just sitting during winter could freeze and then burst a pipe.

Deluge Pipes

Where the other sprinkler systems may only go off in affected areas, when a deluge system is activated, every single sprinkler head is opened. These systems may have some fire-suppressing foam added to them. That's because these systems are generally used in industrial settings and there may be chemicals present which need more than water to put them out. Having a deluge fire sprinkler system can help to keep the fire from spreading to other areas because the water and foam will be covering everything. 

Sprinkler systems are a great way to make sure that your business is as safe as possible from fire. Talk with a place like Turfbuilders Irrigation Inc for more information on different systems, whether you want them for your business's yard or to protect you from a potential hazard. Knowing the different kinds of sprinkler systems will let you choose the one that works best for your situation.