How To Prevent Premature Air Conditioning Failure Using The Power Of Time Travel (Forethought)

Posted on: 22 December 2015

Prevention is like a kind of time travel. You can reach into the future from where you are in the present and change an outcome that would've turned out differently otherwise. Here are a few ways you can copy the effects of having a time machine by maintaining your current system using a few tricks and services.

Swap Out the Filter

You can get a professional to do this if desired, but it's recommended that the air filter be swapped out every few months, especially for central air systems. In order to change the filter, you'll want to figure out where the air is going in. You can usually do this by getting a piece of paper and putting it up to a vent. The vent that sucks the paper up against it is the one you want.

Then, you need to turn the filter off, open up the area where the filter is located, and swap it out for the new one. It's important to make sure that you get a plastic bag or trash can handy ahead of time in order to make sure that you don't accidentally dump collected allergens from the old, filter such as cat dander and pollen, into the new filter.

Double-check Freon

It's a myth that air conditioners use up Freon as if they were cars using gasoline. The Freon should never have to be changed out or filled up in an ideal situation. However, it should still be checked.

Freon leaks can cause issues when they happen since it's a substance controlled by the EPA. You should get someone trained to check the Freon levels periodically. Anything besides a full level often indicates an issue that could become much worse if you don't deal with it.

Fix Accidental Obstructions

Another common issue that could damage your unit in the long run is any obstruction over the "in" vent. So, the test you did with the paper to check where the filter is, will also show you where to check for possible obstructions.

In the end, you will likely need to go get the help of a professional. It's certainly inadvisable to go too long without at least having an HVAC professional, at least, look at your system for a general inspection. But your goal should be to minimize the eventual difficulties you could have with the system as much as humanly possible.

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