The Advantages Of Thermoplastic Olefin Roofing For Your Commercial Building

Posted on: 12 January 2016

When the time comes to replace the roofing on your commercial building, you have a number of material options from which to choose. Before you make a final decision, consider thermoplastic olefin (TPO) to meet your roofing needs. 


A TPO roof is particularly durable due to the unique blend of materials used to create it. First propylene, rubber, and ethylene are chemically bound together. Then a unique mix of fillers is added, including fiberglass, talc, and carbon filler. All of these materials combined make a fabulously durable roofing surface. In addition, the seams are welded with hot air to make them last even longer. 

Energy Savings

TPO roofing is quite energy efficient and can help you reap savings on your cooling costs. A white TPO roofing is rated higher than the EPA's Energy Star requirements, so having one on your commercial building ensures that your interior will maintain a moderate temperature even on the hottest summer day. 


TPO roofing also offers an economical way to take care of your roofing needs. If your building has a low sloping roof area, a TPO membrane can be one of the more affordable materials to use. The average cost ranges between $160 and $500 per 10' x 10' square. Repairs are also quick and easy since you only need to cut out the damaged area and then weld in a replacement piece. 


TPO roofing is easy to handle and install. Experts believe that a TPO single-ply roof is quicker to install than other commercial roofing materials. As a result, labor costs are less than with some other roofing substances. 


You can choose from a wide selection of color options for your TPO roof. In addition to all the "standard" colors, you can often custom order a shade that will enhance the look of your building. Many have been engineered to resist fading while reflecting heat from your roof. 

If the roof of your commercial building is failing, take a look at TPO membranes for an economical and durable solution for your problem. Choosing TPO can save you money and time. Your energy costs should go down due the reflectivity of the membrane. Repairs are easy and inexpensive. You can also choose from a multitude of colors so your roof adds flare while being easy on your budget. Plus, your roof will be durable and last for years. TPO is an excellent choice for your building. 

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