Restoring Your Home After A Fire: Three Places To Look For Damage

Posted on: 22 March 2016

Even a small fire can damage your home. Along with actual damage from the flames, your home may have damage from soot and water. Some damage to your home may not even be visible. When you hire a general contractor to repair your home, you'll want to review the extent of the damage and have a thorough inspection performed to ensure your home is safe and clean once again. Here are a few things to look for as you inspect the damage.

Wiring Problems

Fires can cause damage to wiring and electrical devices in your home, and the water used to fight the fires can also cause damage. It is important to leave your electricity off until you have a proper inspection performed. Your contractor will be able to identify any fire or water damage done to your home's electrical system, and he or she can also let you know if any of your appliances have been damaged as well. Your contractor can inspect your refrigerator, stove, laundry units and any other appliances you have to make sure they are usable after the fire.

Potential Mold Growth

When the fire department uses water to put out a fire, the water can seep into your carpet, drywall and furniture. Mold can grow quickly in the right environment, so it is important to have the water removed from these problem areas quickly. Your general contractor can determine if drywall or carpet needs to be removed from your home, and he or she can identify other areas where mold may become a problem if not dealt with immediately.

Structure Damage

Fire can cause structural damage, so having the home inspected for habitability after a fire is crucial. The heat from the flames and the weight of the water used to fight the fire can damage your roof or make your floors structurally unsound. Your contractor can inspect all areas of your home impacted by the fire to make sure there are no weak spots that could make the house dangerous to live in.

Once your contractor inspects the home thoroughly for mold growth, electrical damage and structural damage, you can create a plan to begin the repair work. Your contractor can create an estimate for repairs during the inspection process so you can get a better idea of the cost and amount of work it will take to get your home back to normal. Contact a business, such as C & Z Construction, for more information.