Should You Pay Someone To Haul Your Junk Or Do It Yourself?

Posted on: 7 May 2016

If you have a lot of junk at home, whether due to remodeling or simply because you have furniture that is old and broken, you may be wondering how to haul it away. The two primary options are to bring it to a dump yourself or hire a junk removal company. Here are some things to think about to help you decide which is a better option.

Hiring a Junk Removal Service Saves You Time and Energy

A good reason to consider hiring a professional to haul away your junk is that you are able to use that extra time and effort for other things. For example, if you are currently planning on moving to a new house, then it can be a huge burden to figure out how to get a hold of a truck and haul it to the dump yourself. It is much easier when you can simply call up a junk removal company and have them pick up the items. They will often come all the way in your home and pick the items up, so you don't even need to put them in front of the house.

You Can Save Money By Hauling it Yourself

On the other hand, if you're low on money, you might not want to spend the additional fee having someone move the junk. When you haul it away yourself, you will still pay a small fee to access the dump, but it is generally quite low. Aside from that, gas is the only thing you need to pay for. However, also consider what other duties you are missing out on by hauling it yourself. You might find that it is still worth paying someone to pick up the junk and haul it away for you.

Many Junk Removal Companies Recycle Certain Items

While junk removal companies will bring a good amount of your junk to the local dump, many of them will try to recycle what they can. This is good to know when you want to be sure as many items are recycled as possible for environmental purposes. They can pick up old windows and bring the glass to a recycling center, then bring the rest of the items to the dump. They might even re-use some of the items, depending on the type of junk removal company they are.

DIY Removal Allows You to Get it Done Now

If you are in a hurry to get the items out right away, schedule a date and time for junk removal companies to pick up the items might be inconvenient. For example, you might be completing a remodeling project, and have a lot of junk you need to get out as soon as possible. If the junk removal service is popular, they are probably also very busy and might not get there for a few days. In this case, it can be a better option to haul it yourself.