4 Benefits Of Hiring A Civil Engineer When Constructing A Home Addition

Posted on: 21 June 2016

Have you decided that your house is too small for your growing family, but you don't want to move? The solution to the problem might be to add an addition to your home to gain the space that you need. However, it is in your best interest to get assistance from a civil engineer before moving forward with the renovation project. Take a look at this article to gain more insight about the services a civil engineer can provide to make sure your renovation project goes as smooth as possible.

1. Design a Blueprint for Your Project

The first thing that you will need is a good plan for your renovation project, such as a blueprint. A civil engineer will consult with you about what you want done to your house, and then he or she will draft the plan on a blueprint. The blueprint will come in handy if you hire contractors to do the construction work on your behalf.

2. Determine if the Foundation is Stable Enough

It is important to make sure the foundation to your house is strong enough to support the weight of the addition you are getting constructed. A civil engineer will thoroughly inspect the foundation to determine if there are any cracks that need to be repaired. He or she can also determine if underpinning should be done to give the foundation more strength.

3. Assist with Obtaining Building Permits

You must keep in mind that there are likely regulations that must be followed when building an addition on your house. For instance, you might need to obtain a building permit when moving interior walls, adding doors and windows, as well as extending your roof. A civil engineer will help you obtain any building permits that are required to make sure you are not breaking any rules that can lead to getting fined later on.

4. Make Sure Sewer Lines Are Not Affected

Adding an addition to a house can have a bad effect on the sewer system depending on where there addition is being added. For instance, an addition can place a lot of pressure on sewer pipes that are buried under the ground, which can lead to them cracking. A civil engineer will let you know if there are any sewer lines that need to be relocated before the addition is built.

Speak to a civil engineer like those at Tbird Design Services Corporation about your project as soon as you are ready to start planning.