Ideal Features To Consider When Having A Garage Built

Posted on: 26 August 2016

Having a garage built from the ground up is an exciting time for any homeowner. Instead of working within the limitations of your current garage, you can think of all the features that you'd enjoy in this space and talk to your contractor about implementing them. If you have any friends or neighbors with custom-build garages, it's worthwhile to pay them a visit for ideas. Additionally, browsing the Internet and thinking about all of your intended uses for the garage can help you put together a comprehensive list of the features that you'll be able to enjoy for years to come. Here are some ideas of things to include.


An overhead loft is an ideal addition to your custom-built garage. A loft in the garage can serve as a space for overnight guests to your home, a rec room for your kids, or a "man cave." Even if you don't plan to furnish the loft right away, you can use it for storage, which will be valuable. When thinking about a loft, features such as a window at each end of the room and possibly even a skylight will add natural light and help to make the space look larger.

Heated Floor

A heated floor is something that you should consider if you live in a cold climate. A garage can often be chilly and inhospitable, but a heated floor will make it much more comfortable to spend time in. If you're parking your vehicle in the garage over the winter, the snow and ice will melt off it and flow into a drain below, keeping the vehicle clean. Additionally, if you wish to use the garage to store canned and bottled food items, having it heated will prevent the complications of having these food items freeze in a cold garage.

Wall Outlets On Each Wall

It might seem like a minor feature, but you should make sure that there's an ample supply of wall outlets throughout the garage. Many garages are sparse in this area, which can lead you to using extension cords that clutter the floor. Wall outlets on each wall are ideal for a wide range of purposes. You might have a fridge or freezer running in the garage, and if you use the space for a workshop, you'll need power for all your corded power tools. Or, if you want to use some of the space as a rec room, you'll need power for a TV, stereo, lights, and more.