Getting A New Asphalt Driveway? 2 Ways You Can Dress It Up

Posted on: 19 September 2016

Asphalt driveways are generally black or grey. If you are getting a new asphalt driveway instead of leaving it looking boring, you can dress it up. Below is some information on two options available to spice up your driveway.


Put an edging down the length of the driveway on both sides. This can make a big change in the way your driveway looks and you will not have to even change the asphalt.  There are different types of edging you can choose from:


You can use stone, brick, or block pavers along your asphalt driveway. The colors of these materials will contrast with the grey or black color so the edging will really stand out. You can use one or two rows of pavers. The edging will also be much wider. Choose pavers in more than one color to make your edging look unique.

Raised Edging

You can raise the edging up to make it look more noticeable. Because this edging is higher, it will protect your lawn. For example, cars will not be able to drive over the side of the driveway.

You can use things like railroad ties, logs, or wood to create a raised edging. This gives your driveway a more rustic look. Railroad ties also look great, and you can paint them any color you like. Just make sure you use exterior paint and paint that works well with wood.

When installing the edging, consider putting a shallow trench before you install the edging. This will make it look much more professional. If you do not want to do this yourself, hire a landscape contractor to help you.

Visit a garden center in your area to look at the many options there are for driveway edging. You should have no problem finding something that will go well with your home.

Stamped Asphalt

You can also stamp the asphalt to give it the look of stone, brick, or slate. You must stamp your driveway after the asphalt is poured and before it dries. The contractor uses a stamping template, plate compactor and heat to stamp the driveway. If the asphalt dries out as they are stamping it, they can use reheating equipment to heat the asphalt.

You can ask the contractor to coat your asphalt in different colors after it has been stamped to give it a completely different look.

Talk with the contractor about other ways you can dress up your driveway, as they may have some suggestions for you.