Have A Leaky Faucet? 3 Tips For Getting By Until The Plumber Shows Up

Posted on: 6 October 2016

Faucets that are functioning properly are amazing to have in your home because you can get water that is hot, lukewarm, or cold by simply flicking a dial enough in a certain direction. They can also provide varying levels of water pressure that you can use to handle tasks such as washing your hands or cleaning dishes. But, as soon as the faucet starts to leak water, you may start to feel frustrated by the noise. Calling a local plumber is ideal as you can schedule a visitation as soon as they are available. In the meantime, you should try out a few things to minimize the negativity related to the leaky faucet.

Make Use of the Water

Although you may not want the water to be coming out of the faucet, this does not mean you should resort to letting it go down the drain. An excellent alternative is to make use of the water. If you have to pay your water bill, you will appreciate making use of the water that costs you money. When it is in the kitchen, plug the drain or use a dishwashing bucket to start filling up the water inside. Add some dish soap and you will end up with a collection of water that you can use for washing dishes by hand. It is best to wait for this until you know you are going to be in the general area as you do not want to miss it filling up, and then potentially have water spilling over the sink and onto the floor in the kitchen.

Silence the Dripping

One of the most difficult leaky faucet situations is when it is from the master bathroom faucet. If you are used to sleeping in complete silence, you might not be able to sleep with the dripping sound. The easiest solution is to tie a string to the faucet, which will force the water to trickle down the string. It is a quick fix that will allow you to forget about the leaky faucet until a plumber arrives.

Play a Family Game

Another way to make use of the leaky faucet is to play a game with your family. Take a large measuring cup and put it where the leaking water is going. Before heading to bed, have everyone write on the cup with a sharpie or put down on a piece of paper where they think the water will be at in the morning. You can do it for enjoyment or even include a small prize, the choice is entirely in your hands.

Leaky faucets are not fun, but you can make them manageable with relative ease.