Why Your Sump Pump Could Fail

Posted on: 6 October 2016

If your home is in an area that is at risk of flooding happening in the basement, having a sump pump can help provide some needed protection from rising ground water. Of course, you'll need the pump to remain functioning if you want to avoid getting water in your basement. Here are several reasons why it could fail.

You Lost Power

If the sump pump doesn't have power, it's pretty useless. Unfortunately, the times that you may need your sump pump the most are during power outages caused by strong storms.

It helps to have a battery backup system installed on the sump pump to keep it running during a power outage. You could also have a gas-powered generator installed at your home to help provide constant power if other power sources were to go out.

You Have A Frozen Discharge Pipe

The goal of the sump pump will be to remove water from under your foundation and get it as far away from your house as possible. Some sump pumps empty directly into the city's sewer system, which will ensure that the water doesn't seep back into the ground. Others will have a discharge pipe that is designed to simply eject the water back into the ground, but away from your home's foundation.

It's possible for the sump pump's discharge pipe to become frozen, which will cause water pumped out to back up into your sump pump. If this is a constant problem, you'll need to have the discharge pipe insulated to prevent it from freezing or direct water to the sewer system.

Your Pump's Float Switch Is Broken

Every sump pump will have a float switch, which activates when the water levels rise to a specific level. The pump turns on, the water level decreases, and the float switch turns off.

If this float switch is broken, the pump will be unable to turn on. It could be from a defect in the float switch itself or the float has filled with water and sunk to the bottom of the sump.

Your Pump Is Not Strong Enough

It's also possible that your sump pump is not powerful enough to remove the water. If water is coming in faster than your pump can remove the water, it may be time to upgrade to a more powerful pump.

For help fixing or replacing your sump pump that is not working right, reach out to a local contractor that can do the work for you, such as Rite-Way Waterproofing.