Electric Cordless Lawn Equipment: What You Can Get, And How It Works

Posted on: 23 November 2018

Lawn care equipment is essential to the maintenance of all properties. However, if you are a landscaping contractor who is trying to promote your business as an eco-friendly one, you will want and need lawn care equipment that is economical, fully functional, and very "green." The best possible solution is electrical lawn care equipment since it utilizes a power source that will not pollute the environment 

Additionally, this type of equipment often operates at lower decibels of sound, reducing the noise pollution that so many pieces of yard equipment are known to do. You should opt for the cordless items, too, since nobody likes taking the risk of tripping over cords while mowing lawns or cutting down trees. Here is more about the pieces of equipment you can buy, and how they work without using cords. 

How They Work

All of these cordless electrical pieces of equipment operate on large battery packs, typically twelve-volt and eighteen-volt packs. The latter will give you more power for longer operation, but the former are the battery packs that most often come with your equipment at the time of purchase. If you want the eighteen-volt battery packs, you will have to pay extra and buy those separately.

Expect to charge the battery packs about three to five hours on the charging docks every day, at a minimum. The batteries deliver clean energy power directly to the tools/equipment for approximately one to three hours of operation time. This means that you will need to have a large set of batteries fully charged and ready to go in every landscaping truck every morning, and you and your employees will need to set all of those packs on chargers at night to have them ready for the following day. Still, it beats the expense of gasoline, the smells, the air pollution, and the leaking of oil and gas all over the environment.

What You Can Buy

Electric cordless lawn equipment comes in the form of lawnmowers with cutting decks of various widths from fourteen-inch decks to twenty-two-inch decks, weed whackers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, electric limb loppers, edgers, leaf blowers, and mulching vacuums. Your first piece of electric cordless lawn equipment typically comes with its own battery pack and charging station, but you can buy extra battery packs and extra charging stations. You will need a power source to plug in the battery stations, and as a landscaping contractor, it is always good to have several extra fully charged battery packs. Otherwise, you end up leaving the job partially incomplete to go get another battery pack from the office, and that is very time-consuming when you have a packed schedule.