Why A Wet-Vac Isn't Enough: 3 Future Problems That Commercial Restoration Stops Now

Posted on: 23 November 2018

You know that a bad flood with water rising several feet high and coursing throughout your building requires a professional flood damage restoration effort. But did you know that even a smaller flood, like a burst pipe or overnight flooding from rains seeping in from under the door requires professional help, too? As tempting as it may be to simply rent a wet-vac and set up a giant fan, you need to have a restoration company evaluate the damage to prevent additional problems later on.

1. Warped Floor Tiles

If you have floor tiles or laminate planks instead of carpet, you could find the tiles or planks starting to curl up and warp after a while. As the water from the flood dries and the material in the flooring reacts to the influx and disappearance of all that moisture, the flooring can develop hills, valleys, and other deformations that turn the flooring into a trip hazard. A simple sink overflow that happens while you're standing there, and that you stop immediately, may not be likely to cause this sort of damage. But if you show up at work one day to find the floor completely wet from a pipe leak that's been going on for hours, that means water has had enough time to penetrate into the flooring and set the material up for warping later.

2. Rotting Subfloor

No matter the material you have on the top surface of the flooring, if water has a chance to soak through to the subfloor, your building is at risk of developing rot in that subfloor. That can make the floor unstable and contribute to warping, as well as to mold. Rotting subfloors can also attract bugs. The subfloor is much harder to replace than bad flooring, so this is not something you want to ignore if your building goes through even a minor flood.

3. Missed Mold

This is possibly the worst consequence of not having your building restored properly after a flood: Hidden mold lurking in the building. What makes this so bad is that it can occur in spots other than the areas directly affected by the water. Having a giant fan to dry things out is helpful, but you also need the keen eye of a restoration expert.

This is a situation where it's really better to err on the side of caution. If you experience flooding, take what steps you need to, to get the water out immediately, and call a flood damage restoration company like Apex Contracting And Restoration Inc today. They'll give you advice on what to do as you wait for their technicians to come out and evaluate your building.