Why You May Need More Dedicated Circuits Added To Your Home's Electrical System

Posted on: 15 February 2019

If you live in an older home, you probably have many of your electrical items plugged into the same circuit. Older homes weren't built with the anticipation you'd be using the computers and various appliances that are common today. Newer homes usually have dedicated circuits for individual appliances for safety reasons and to prevent tripping the circuits when you use too many things at the same time. You can hire an electrician to add more circuits to your older home and set up dedicated circuits for appliances that need them. Here's why you may want this done and what it could entail.

Why Your Home May Need Additional Circuits

If you need to be careful about the number of appliances and electronics you have on at once to prevent the circuit breaker from flipping, then that's a good clue you need additional circuits. Flipping breakers and lights that dim when an appliance kicks on are two signs your home's electrical system can't handle your demands. Overloading a circuit can be dangerous, and that's why the circuit shuts off. The danger shouldn't be ignored because of the risk of fire. For your convenience as well as your safety, you may need to have additional circuits put in.

What's Involved In Getting New Circuits

An electrician can help you decide on the circuits you need. You may want to update your home according to the latest fire codes for dedicated circuits that pertain to new housing construction, and an electrician can help you determine which of your appliances need a dedicated circuit. A dedicated circuit means the appliance is the only thing plugged into that circuit. One reason this is desirable is because of the surge of energy needed when an appliance first turns on. You might need dedicated circuits for a refrigerator, clothes washer, window air conditioner, and a microwave. This involves adding new wiring to your home for the circuits and upgrading the electrical panel. You may even need an entirely new electrical panel if yours is old and outdated.

Because of all the electronic equipment and appliances that are used today that weren't even invented when older homes were built, your home may not be able to keep up with the current and growing demand for more power unless more circuits are added. By having the work done at your convenience, you might avoid electrical problems in the future, or at the very least, you can enjoy turning on the washer or microwave without tripping a circuit.

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