Want A Unique Look For Your New Home? How To Design An Industrial Style Home

Posted on: 24 October 2019

If you're designing your own home and want to go beyond basic, it's time to set your sights on industrial features. Designing an industrial style home can take your new home to the next level. If you're not sure how to design an industrial style home, take a look at the features described below. These features will help you design the perfect industrial style home.

Choose Salvaged Wood

If you're looking for an industrial style for your new home, don't settle for brand new wood. Instead, you want to incorporate plenty of salvaged wood into the design of your new home. If you're not sure where to find salvaged wood, begin with a trip to a local landfill. You can also search junkyards, antique shows, and salvage yards. Salvaged wood will provide a rich, rustic look to your industrial style home. 

Go with Exposed Ducts

If you inspect most homes, you'll find that the ducts and water pipes are installed inside the walls or attic. That's where an industrial style home is different. With an industrial style home, you'll want to include exposed ducts and pipes. Exposing your pipes and ducts lends a more industrial complex feel to your new home. Be sure that you choose a contractor who's experienced with industrial installations. That way, you get the right look without any unforeseen complications. 

Think Pendant Lighting

If you want to go with an industrial style for your home, be sure to choose the right lighting fixtures. One way to do that is through the use of pendant lighting. Pendant lighting fixtures come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all your lighting needs. Stainless steel and brushed metal finishes for your lighting fixtures also work well for industrial style homes. 

Say Yes to Concrete Features

If you're stuck on the type of flooring and counters to use in your industrial style home, think concrete features. Concrete floors and counters will add a distinct touch to your new home. You can tint the concrete or add stamping to your concrete floors. Be sure to seal the concrete against water damage. The waterproof sealant will make your concrete floors and counters virtually maintenance-free. 

Incorporate Steel Beams and Trusses

If you want to ensure a truly industrial feel to your new home, don't forget to include steel beams and trusses. Utilizing exposed steel beams and trusses will reinforce your home while enhancing the overall industrial style for the design.

For more information and ideas, contact an industrial style contractor or visit sites like http://cic-cbc.com/.